Last Day in Alaska

June 4, 2024

What a way to end a vacation! On our last full day in Alaska, we decided to go salmon fishing. After checking pricing through the cruise (which was twice as much), we found Fisherman’s Choice online at nearly half the price! Even with the short notice, Fisherman’s Choice was able to accommodate us. My son’s and I do not have fishing experience, other than my youngest who once caught a badminton racket fishing. We caught a total of four salmon for the boat, two were by us, in the 1/2 day trip. Ray was an awesome guide! My sons are 11 and 14. He took the time with them to teach them the what to do and why we do it. He also filleted our fish we caught and prepped it for the processor. If we are able to vacation in Alaska again, we will be using Fisherman’s Choice to fish!


Top Notch Trip with Ray & Doug

June 20, 2022

Despite the limited catch, the guides and process was enjoyable. We had 12 people on our charter, and it went very smoothly.

North Aurora

A great experience

16 July 2021

A great experience; the entire team was terrific getting us booked.
Doug was a fantastic guide and did an awesome job.
We’re already planning our next trip.
Thank you!


Absolute Great time

Ray was patient with both me and my girlfriend.
And when we caught a fish, he took the time to break it down for us right on the side of the river.
Would definitely recommend and we will cherish our experience. Thank you Ray!

Nade Maria

Highly recommend!!

We happened to book on what turned out to be the warmest day of the summer- meaning that the glacier up stream melted and rose the water about two feet in just one night! This unfortunately caused the fish to disperse and we weren’t fortunate to catch any. It was a bummer, but we had an awesome time with our guide, Ray, who tried everything he could to get us a bite! He was also a great guy to get to know and spend time talking about hunting and fishing with. The company was great to work with and even was able to have our licenses printed and with Ray for our arrival. Highly recommend!!


5 star all the way

I have fished with Fisherman’s Choice Charters for the last 9 years. I have always understood how fishing works. I mean, it’s not called catching for a reason. I pay to go fishing and if I catch fish, BONUS!! Although, my intentions are to walk of the boat with fish, but there are times it just doesn’t happen. If you want a guaranteed fish, go to the seafood market. I had posted a review on yelp in January when I booked my trip for this summer with the family. I have also left reviews for Fisherman’s Choice Charters and usually I get a thank you from either Ray or Terri within a few days. This time I never got one. I was pissed. So I called and spoke with Terri about it. She said she never got notification that I left review, so we checked…and You Bet that my 5 star review along with quite a few other 5 star reviews WERE GONE! After I got off the phone I did more searching and found the hidden reviews. Yes they are hidden by YELP, leaving low scoring and very old reviews, and not showing the new ones. So if you are a Yelper and think that all fishing trips catch fish, or for that matter everything goes perfect wherever you are at or going, get real, it’s NOT a perfect world and your living in a fantasy world. Ray and Terri try their best to get you on fish, It is not their goal to make sure you do not get fish. They don’t like it anymore than you do, like most businesses it’s not their intentions to have a unhappy customer/client.

And as for YELP, you guys suck. I looked up other reviews I have left for other businesses and they were invisible as well. So, if you your going to trust YELP’s reviews for anything your searching for, don’t go by the only reviews they want you to see. Make sure to scroll to the last review and click the gray writing “other reviews that are not currently recommended”. This is where you will see recent and genuine reviews of businesses.

My Rant is over and if Terri chooses not to post this, I get it. But I just want people to know that Ray and Terri run a great operation, catching fish or not. They cannot control what bites and when.

Lynn P.
Long time client

Ray showed us a great time.

He was persistent

Ray showed us a great time on our fishing trip on  7/2/19.
He was persistent after a few spots initially didn’t produce any Kings for us.
We soon all limited out with some great looking fish.
Ray filleted and bagged the fish for us.
We would definitely use his services again and again.

Alaska King Salmon Fishing near Anchorage, Alaska

Great fishing with a friend

Our limit in 2 hours with Ray on August 17, 2018

Ray was an excellent guide and really knew where the fish and how to get them. We limited out in a couple hours no problem. We really enjoyed his personality and knowledge of the area as we moved up and down the river. We saw Eagles, a moose with foal, and just had a great all around fun time. I will be going back in the future. If your undecided on which guide to use like I was, let me tell you, I wouldn’t hesitate to book with him again. Thanks for such an awesome trip Ray.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing near Anchorage, Alaska

5 Stars all the way!

long time client of Fisherman's Choice Charters

I have fished w/Ray and Fisherman’s Choice off-and-on for about 10 years. Booking a trip is easy. Terri makes everything quick, simple and straightforward. Directions are clear and the customer service is spot on every time. Ray knows the fish and the rivers and puts you on them, even when others are getting skunked, we were fighting and landing fish! Fished Kings in June and Silvers in August this year. Everyone in our group, each day, caught their “fish of a lifetime” w/Kings, and while the Silver fishing was a bit more spotty and difficult, by the end, my arms and shoulders hurt from fighting so many fish (and that is not a “fish story”!). If fishing in Alaska is a bucket list item for you, then I’d recommend Fisherman’s Choice to help you fulfill (and fill) that bucket w/fish! 5 Stars all the way!

T. April

Spokane, WA

Fished with Ray 7/6/17

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip fishing with Ray. What a great day on the water! We all really enjoyed Ray’s help, guidance, and relaxed demeanor. We hope to go visit again someday!
Ryan Rohwer
Fletcher, NC